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School school school (and all the little bits)
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Oh hi LiveJournal! Since nobody on Facebook wants to be subjected to this, yet I still feel as though I need an online forum, here I am today to write to you about grad school. Again. AGAIN.

I've finally made a decision about where I'm going (the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, near Seattle). I just spent a few hours this afternoon filling out the FAFSA.

Y'all, it's 2003 again, and I'm having a complete spazz about money. I'm poor. This time, my parents didn't fill out the FAFSA for me with their financial information, so maybe that means the government will give me more money? Granted, that's more money that I will have to be paying back later, but honestly, I'm already still in so much debt from my undergrad that it hardly seems to matter. That has been my big scare about grad school thus far: going into more debt. But, I can't even really wrap my mind around it anyway. I think if I had paid off all my debt from undergrad already, the idea of going into more debt again would carry more weight. As it is, my ed awards from AmeriCorps, such as they are, barely paid off interest from forbearance whilst in said AmeriCorps, so my debt hasn't really decreased at all. So adding to it seems less awful as it perhaps should.

Sure, I wish I had a benefactor, or someone who would pay for school in exchange for vegetarian meals and foot rubs, but what can you do? I want to write. I like NILA's emphasis on career writers and I am hopeful that emphasis may prove lucrative.

About the FAFSA: apparently, the government still only recognizes two genders. They still don't list AmeriCorps or VISTA as an option for earned income from the past year. They still ask you several times if you're married or have children, despite saying "no" every time beforehand. They still don't provide any support for people with disabilities who want to go to school, despite how statistically under employed they are, even after furthering their education.
I'm not exactly sure what I thought would be different about that...

I also just registered for my classes: one on the profession of writing: how to navigate publishing, rules for submission, deadlines, et; a craft course in nonfiction; and a workshop in nonfiction. I'm so excited to learn sub-genre writing, and to write something with an actual format instead of my usual ramblings.

Much more to do, but I'm feeling better now that I've started.

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