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Maybe someday I'll actually finish this meme
Medieval blokes
Day Eight: Three pet peeves.
1. people who leave irrelevant comments on facebook statuses. Example status: "I like cheese." Example irrelevant comment: "Are you going to the secret rap festival next Thursday? I miss you!" Thanks for the sentiment, but that kind of stuff goes on my wall, not on my extremely important status update about cheese. I like to keep things organized, people.
2. The fact that I can ride the sketchiest buses up and down Lake and Chicago for hours, and no one pays me any mind, but the minute I get on the light rail I get accosted by old drunk men. Is there a blind girl fettish in the aging population that I don't know about?
3. Music snobbery. There is plenty of room for both Lady Gaga and Bartok in the world, y'all. Just chill the eff out, it's all art in its own way.
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