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mre Meme-ing!
Medieval blokes
Day Four: Seven (semi-) interesting things you've pondered or thought about recently.
hahahaha, that's a good one. Not interesting, but...
1. come on job interview tomorrow. I... need... this... job.
2. Stupid effing computer. This is so not the time for you to decide you don't like your hard drive any more. Thank God for my Netbook.
3. Lauren, for the love of everyone who has to look at you at Cedar Lake this summer, will you please buy a new swimsuit? Please?
4. Hmmm, what excuse do I have to go get a coffee from my favorite/cute/straight-as-an-arrow-dammit barrista today?
5. I love singing.
6. Ukulele! Ukulele!
7. I really need to make plans to get to GAP graduation in June. My favorite (shhh don't tell) student is graduating this year!


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