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Medieval blokes
happy Samhain, Hallowe'en, Dia de los Muertos, and all Saint's Day in one boutiful sentence of good cheer! whatever you're celebrating this week/weekend, i hope it's blessed with good people and good spirit. i'm sitting at work drinking my third cup of Mexican hot chocolate left over from the Dia de los Muertos celebration last night. i'll probably regret it later, but whoever made this stuff is a genious. it is so wonderful nd delicately spiced, some of the best chocolate i've had. today is our school's halloween party, which we've basically been preparing all week, and tonight we take the kids to a haunted house. i've never actually been to a simulated haunted house before, so i'm interested to see what it's like. i love being scared, so bring it!
besides that, nothing really knew. Aurora's lent me a Renaissance costume for today and for the weekend, so i'll probably prowl around for an excuse to wear it as much as possible. it's a muslin underdress with a lovely sage-green lace-up thing overtop; i feel a bit like an Irish rogue in it. my other coworker, Ayesha, is trying to get us all to the 90's tomorrow, but i just went a few weeks ago so have had my 90's quota for the year, methinks.
this post is really not amounting to anything substantial, is it... i just love this time of year!!!
speaking of this time of year... i'm going to be in a few recorder concerts coming up around the holidays. if anyone's interested, i'll fill you in with the details when i have them!
hasta luego for now!


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